Aida Tumutova nude in The Stoker aka Kochegar (2010)

Nudity in The Stoker aka Kochegar (2010)

Aida Tumutova makes her first nude appearance on screen in The Stoker (2010) as she enters the kitchen after a shower, completely naked and baring all, including a shaved pubic region. Later, we see her naked again while riding a guy. Anna Korotayeva also appears nude while getting banged from behind by some dude. Lastly, Yuliya Men undresses and receives a whipping on her buttocks from a man.


The movie centers around Major Skryabin, a war veteran who works as a stoker in Russia during the mid 1990s. He copes with the shell shock he endured from the Afghan-Soviet War by working on a historical novel. Skryabin’s life takes a turn when his daughter Sasha visits him. The movie also includes visits from local children and gangsters.

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