Jax Kellington and others topless in Pillow Party Massacre (2023)

Nudity in Pillow Party Massacre (2023)

Only two nude appearances in the movie from Nicolette Pullen and Jax Kellington. We first see Nicolette, who decides to bid farewell to her bra, treating us to a glimpse of sideboob action with a quick hint of nipple as she strolls into the bathroom. We also get to see Jax Kellington’s bootylicious derriere in a thong underwear, and we later get to see her going topless during a pillow fight with her gal pals.


Five girls, five best friends, all haunted by their past mistakes of an April Fools prank gone fatally wrong, meet again after two years for a summer week long getaway in the woods to reconnect and reconcile… Read more >

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