Avenging Angel (1985)

Karin Mani, etc. nude in Avenging Angel (1985) 1080p Blu-ray Remux

Karin Mani showing full frontal nudity as she showers. We then get a nice look at her breasts as she dries off in front of the mirror. She then gets dressed, pulling up her skirt over her panty and showing cleavage in a bra while strapping a wire to her torso.

Betsy Russell looking sexy in a tight tank top and mini skirt.

Laura Burkett wearing a unbuttoned top and a short leather skirt, showing some cleavage and getting her boobs groped as she leans over into a car.

Lynda Wiesmeier along with other naked ladies being held hostage in a room. We get a nice look at Lynda’s cleavage in red lingerie.

Quality: Blu-ray Remux | Size: 1.86 GB | Duration: 00:07:09 | Resolution: 1920×1080
Bitrate: 37.2Mb/s | Format: mp4 | Language: English

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Molly, former prostitute, has managed to leave her street life with help from Lt. Andrews. She studies law and leads a normal life. When Andrews is killed by a brutal gang, she returns to the streets as Angel to find his killers… Read more >>


Karin Mani … as Janie Soon Lee
Breasts, Butt, Bush


Betsy Russell … as Molly “Angel” Stewart


Laura Burkett … as Blonde Hooker


Lynda Wiesmeier … as Debbie


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