Ava (2017)

Noee Abita and Laure Calamy nude in Ava (2017) 1080p

Noée Abita standing on a beach and takes off all her clothes, giving us a nice look at her butt, followed by a full frontal view as she walks blindfolded into the ocean and starts playing around in the waves giving us a long look at her breasts, bush and butt. We then see her lifting up her shirt, flashing her breasts to a guy followed by some down-blouse shots of her breasts as she leans over. We get some more topless shots of Noée covered in mud as she and a guy run around a beach robbing naked people at gun point. Noée and her BF are then awoken on the beach by officers, and we get a nice clear view of her breasts yet again. Noée then seen completely naked next to her BF, showing her butt from behind as she plays with his penis. The scene ends with Noée in a pink see through top showing her hard nipples underneath.

Laure Calamy sitting on a table with her legs spread wide apart as the camera zooms in on her vagina, followed by taking off her bikini and washes herself with the shower nozzle while talking to Noée Abita. We then see her sitting naked on a guy having sex with him.

Quality: Blu-ray | Size: 461.9 MB | Duration: 00:11:51 | Resolution: 1920×1080
Bitrate: 5443kbps | Format: mp4 | Language: French | Spanish

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13-year-old Ava learns that she will lose her sight sooner than expected, and she confronts the problem in her own way… Read more >>


Noée Abita … as Ava
Breasts, Butt, Bush


Laure Calamy … as Maud
Breasts, Butt, Bush


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